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Through the power of pre-paid subscriptions, we offer some of the finest performances in the world at a remarkably reasonable cost to our members. Community Concerts has been a part of the Rogue Valley entertainment scene since 1931 and has given pleasure to thousands. You too can enjoy the benefits of membership. Call 541-734-4116 for more information.

The JC Concerts Board Members (who serve voluntarily with no remuneration) assume a share of the responsibility for handling some of the details that make our concerts successful: helping to staff the Box Office & Will Call during concerts; the transportation, housing, feeding, and care of the artists; piano tuning/maintenance, and so on, along with the organization’s Administrator– the hard-working single paid staff member, who handles rental of the auditorium, payment of artists and business expenses, procurement of necessary event insurance, production and management of tickets, printing and distribution of brochures and programs, marketing and promotion, and even maintenance of this very website, among many other things. Sometimes the going is rough and there is lively discussion as to what artists to schedule, or what date to choose, but one thing has been constant through the years: the love of good music and the desire to bring to Jackson County the joys of live music. Perhaps Columbia Artists (an early supplier of artists for JC Concerts) said it best: “A Carnegie Hall in Every Town”. Thanks to the vision, enterprise, and selfless dedication of countless people through the years, our community has enjoyed outstanding entertainment through 75 seasons!

President: Tom Lowell 541-821-3032 [email protected]
Vice President: Maria Neville 541-772-8191 [email protected]
Secretary Daniel Wells 541-646-4495 [email protected]
Treasurer Jon Wacker 541-218-6868 [email protected]
Members at Large: Margaret Brown 541-773-5992
William Weil 541-218-7438 [email protected]
Ian McCarty 541-735-2459 [email protected]
 Adjunct Member: Marge Wheeler 540-925-2039 [email protected]


The Organized Audience Plan

In 1920 a music manager in Chicago found himself with a tenor to promote and not enough performances. Harry P. Harrison added a few other performers and offered them as a series of attractions to music clubs, guaranteeing their appearance when enough subscription funds were raised for his “All – Star Series.” Local music groups had been assuming the financial risk of promoting concerts – often at a deficit. Community patrons or fund raisers had to make up the balance.

Twelve cities were organized the first year, called Civic Music Associations. These nonprofit groups collected all funds by selling memberships, before contracting for the performing artists.

Eight years later the same concept was used on the east coast in forming the Community Concerts Association. The association sent representatives to communities to assist interested citizens in forming organizations. The Medford Civic Music Association was established in 1931. The name was changed to Community Concerts and the Association was incorporated in 1966.

An intensive one-week membership campaign (this year in May) is conducted by association Board Members and local volunteers. Using a team approach, chairmen, captains and workers sell the memberships. The “Membership Drive” usually kicks off with a luncheon where instructions are passed out and speeches made. The majority of the membership comes through renewals, but new ones must also be sold to meet the planned budget. Anxious board members track the sales and discuss strategy. In the past volunteer workers reported to “Headquarters,” manned by the chairmen and board members. The location moved around with the years, from Chamber of Commerce offices, to music stores, and different motels who graciously offered free space for a week. For twenty eight years it was at the Horizon Inn but lately we have found that a “Headquarters” is not necessary.

The process has changed very little over the years. Only the faces of the hundreds of volunteers change, but most return year after year to give service. Numbers are limited to auditorium space, with Medford’s peak years of over 2000 members seated on bleachers and folding chairs at Hedrick Middle School. Current goals are to fill the Lynn Sjolund Auditorium at North Medford High School which holds about 688 including 7 spaces for wheelchairs. Annually the process is repeated – the organized audience plan making it possible to guarantee concerts.





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